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Home Interior Color Schemes – How To Pick The Right One?

If you visit the interior design and home decorating forums on the internet, you will see a common question asked frequently. How do I finalize the color scheme for my home interiors?The answer to question is actually quite simple. The obvious answer is the color that YOU like the most. But what if I like black color, should I paint my entire home walls with black paint. of course you
can but think about the kind of environment that will create after the painting has been finished.So visualizing the “after effects” of the home interiors is the key to selecting the right color scheme in any interior space. When a wall is painted with any color, two things happen at once.1) The color of the paint gets mixed with the color of the wall finish itself.2) The color of the paint always pretends to be different that what it is because of the natural sunlight falling on it.So truly you will never get the exact color of the wall which you have thought of because of changing nature of the light and shade. Depending upon the climatic conditions of the home location, the amount of sunlight entering the home building can vary and so can the internal environment. So while selecting color scheme think about the surfaces on which the paint will be applied and also the general lighting conditions around the rooms.A color scheme is never a stand alone entity. It is always associated with many other factors like wall surfaces and lighting conditions as mentioned above. That is why it is a good practice to visualize the end result first and then come back again to basic design levels to alter or modify the factors such as wall finishes/ choice of colors itself/ type of paint materials / artificial lighting solutions if needed. Because all these will help to get the most out of any color scheme you choose.Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya